Weds 10th May – 4 miles

I had only planned on running 3 today as part of my ramp up back into training after illness. However, the weather was beautiful and I felt inspired so decided to do 4 instead. Took it easy, doing around 8’30” min/mile pace but felt good and energised. Good stretching before and after to prevent injury after the week off.

Tuesday 9th May – First run after illness – 2 miles

Last week was grim, falling ill with a brutal man flu on Wednesday. Many years of being sick while training have taught me to just accept that I have to take some time off, so I did. It turned out to be a week which felt bad and drove me mad. Still not fully recovered but was keen to get out again so just went for 2 miles easy. Jogged around, not pushing, but it opened my airways and I felt better after. I’ll move up to 3 miles tomorrow.

Tuesday 2nd May – 2.35 miles short run

2.35 mines, 17 mins 14 secs

Today did I targeted a short-ish run to recover from the long run the previous day which I was still feeling the effects of. I extended my usual 2 mile route to about 2 and a half miles and tried to go at a moderate pace throughout. This averaged out at about 7:30 min/mile splits which was fine. Supplemented with some pullups.

Monday 1st May – Long run (7 miles)

7 miles, 70mins 7 secs

Couldn’t do the Park Run on Saturday due to work all day and shamefully missed Sunday due to hangover and laziness (although I did walk 4 miles) but was back today after 2 days off. Decided to use the morning I had free thanks to the bank holiday to do my long run which is up to 7 miles this week. Lucy wanted to do 10k (~6 miles) so I ran the mile to her house to pick her up then did the 6 miles with her to make up my 7. The route was largely cross-country in the area north of Garforth. We kept a very leisurely pace, talking all the way, but that is good for long runs which I use to build endurance and not speed. The relaxed pace was reflected in the just sub 10min/mile splits and 70 min total time. Despite the speed my legs are really feeling it this afternoon.

Wednesday 26th April – 8x1min intervals

Debated whether I had the mental strength to do intervals today, but went for it anyway. Made sure to stretch beforehand then ran for about 5 minutes before getting into the interval routine. Started off strongly and managed to maintain concentration throughout. Paused watch a couple of times, once to get across a road, another time to descend a steep hill which I couldn’t have properly sprinted down. Bright sunshine but very cold, strong wind against at times.

Tuesday 25th April – Short Recovery Run (2 miles)

2 miles, 16 mins 38 secs

I like to do a shorter run the day after a long run so I took a quick two miles around the block. Tried to keep it brisk but still ended up doing sub 8 min miles. In my defence about a third of the route is a long slow ascent. Supplemented the run by warming up with pull-ups at home – a warm up followed by 3×3 of both chin-up and parallel bar for a total of 18 (which according to fitbit burned 91 calories)

Saturday 22nd April – Roundhay Park Park Run

Headed to the Park Run in Roundhay Park this morning (after tragically arriving at the Roundhay Bakehouse too early to buy pastries). After being assured by several participants that this was no harder than our home course, Temple Newsam, I started the course with reckless enthusiasm. Like Temple Newsam, the Roundhay Park Run contains a considerable slog up the long hill from the lakeside to the mansion. Unlike Temple Newsam, you have to summit the hill three and a half times. This really became an issue on the second and third lap, but I consider hills my strength so pushed through and managed to consistently overtake on the hills. A young lad and I were competing for position and trying to stick with him really helped drag me round.  In the end did it in 21:24 which is not a Park Run PB for me but but it is up there!