Monday 1st May – Long run (7 miles)

7 miles, 70mins 7 secs

Couldn’t do the Park Run on Saturday due to work all day and shamefully missed Sunday due to hangover and laziness (although I did walk 4 miles) but was back today after 2 days off. Decided to use the morning I had free thanks to the bank holiday to do my long run which is up to 7 miles this week. Lucy wanted to do 10k (~6 miles) so I ran the mile to her house to pick her up then did the 6 miles with her to make up my 7. The route was largely cross-country in the area north of Garforth. We kept a very leisurely pace, talking all the way, but that is good for long runs which I use to build endurance and not speed. The relaxed pace was reflected in the just sub 10min/mile splits and 70 min total time. Despite the speed my legs are really feeling it this afternoon.

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