What Podcasts would I recommend?

People often ask me what sort of stuff I listen to so I thought I drop a couple of recommendations here:

This American Life

TAL is basically required listening for everyone in the world. A friend of mine once referred to it as “just a bunch of really nice stories”, which they are, but also provide funny, touching and surprisingly detailed viewpoints on all aspects of the human condition on a weekly basis. A must listen.


Similar to the above but with a more scientific/techy bent. Released on a less regular basis to TAL but with spectacular production values.


Another documentary style ‘cast, this time telling a story in fascinating detail over 10 episodes. Again, amazing production values. Unfortunately only two series exist so far, but both are gripping and left me gagging for the next episode (thankfully now they are all out you can just binge listen).

The Giant Bombcast

Basically a one-stop-shop for videogame nerds looking for news, opinions and critical analysis in one hugely entertaining package. I have been listening to these guys for years and feel like they are close friends. If you listen to this every week you basically don’t need to look anywhere else for your videogame news.

The GiantBeastcast

Ignore the last sentence. I also listen every week to Giant Bomb’s East Coast podcast offering. I started listening because of my love of Vinny Caravella, but this offers a sufficiently different outlook with some hilarious characters to make it totally worth the time of investment. Tends to be a little more ‘inside-baseball’ than the Bombcast thanks to Austin Walker’s regularly fascinating insight, but I dig that.

The Art of Charm

This one comes with a bit of a disclaimer – I do listen on a regular basis, but the host Jordan Harbinger comes off as a douchebag in nearly every episode and the whole show is fairly America-centric. Having said that, the interviews tend to be with very high caliber personalities and gaining insight from successful people is handy for anyone trying to make their way in the big bad world.